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Healing with Nature – 6 Week Online Course

April 25, 2021 @ 8:30 am - 10:00 am


This course is an opportunity to learn to practice mindfulness and somatic meditations in nature to support you in healing the traumas/wounds/intensities you have experienced.

The places of trauma you have experienced in your life need your attention and loving care. Most often we have a difficult experience and just “move on” from it. However, when we approach these difficult experiences in this way- we don’t really get a chance to heal or resolve from the difficulty. And in these cases trauma becomes stuck in our bodies, impacts the ways in which we experience freedom and ability to experience the relationships and activities we may want to enjoy in life.

The teachings and practices offered in this course are a path to healing. They are designed to provide you safe and supportive practices to explore healing the places you may feel trauma has caused you to be stuck. Mindfulness, somatic healing, and nature invite you to come home to yourself, to reside with ease, possibility, and love in your life. Take this journey of healing for yourself to support transforming trauma and fully living into your life.

NOTE- Prior mindfulness meditation experience is recommended.

Week 1

An Introduction to How Mindfulness and Somatic Practices in Nature to Support Healing Trauma.
Rochelle will share how the wisdom of healing from these three paths come together to support safe, skillful, and transformative ways of healing. Healing trauma is a path to traverse with care, kindness, gentleness, and support. This week will lay the foundation to support moving through this terrain.
We will practice awakening in nature by exploring the practices of breath awareness and sensory aliveness. These practices will provide foundational support for the coming weeks of exploration.

Week 2

Awakening in Nature to Support Healing.
In this week teachings will be offered about the healing power of the body, and how cultivating mindfulness and somatic healing into life can aid in learning how to release trauma from the body. We will explore how practices of grounding, orienting, and body awareness help provide ways to begin to newly relate and experience trauma held in the body.

Week 3

Awakening into the Body to Support Healing.
During this week teachings will continue to deepen on the understanding of how to be present in the body, explore new ways to somatically awaken, and begin moving towards difficult experiences related to trauma in the body. You will learn practices of pendulation, exploring the body as a map, and how touch, movement, and connection to nature can support healing.

Week 4

Somatic Knowing to Support Healing.
Somatic knowing invites us to intimately come home to our body and our sense of true self. This week we will explore practices to support working with ways that disconnect us from healthy ways of being and living and to discover new impulses for living in life without being held to the traumatic patterns of our past. You will learn practices to support working with barriers that arise and practices to connect you to your new sense of well-being and how to grow and sustain this way of being.

Week 5

As Healing Emerges, a New Sense of Aliveness is Present.
In this week we will explore integrating this aliveness into life. We will discuss how the newly forming healthy patterns can extend into daily life, relationships, rhythms of living, and trusting what arises. You will learn practice for the heart, rhythms of life, and presence with others to support the deepening of this sense of being.

Week 6

When We Feel More at Peace, in Alignment and Full in Living Our Lives, a New Capacity to be Present in Life and to Others Arises.

In this final week, we will explore where to go from here. This is an opportunity to explore as your healing has occurred- where in your life you may want to support healing. We will explore practices to connect to healing with others in our lives, communities we are connected to, and healing our planet.

What’s Included in the Course?

6 Live Virtual Sessions – Sunday mornings 8:30am – 10am (PST) Guided meditation, talk, Q&A to support practice learning to heal trauma

Every week you will receive ongoing support through sessions in between live meetings:

-Audio meditations/Video Teachings/Contemplation/Journal/Reflection Teaching on Healing in Nature  –

* The cost of this course ($149.00) covers the entire 6-week curriculum

Live Session Dates & Times:

Week 1 – Live/Online Session:
Sunday, April 25, 2021
8:30am PT / 11:30am ET

Week 2 – Live/Online Session:
Sunday, May 2, 2021
8:30am PT / 11:30am ET

Week 3 – Live/Online Session:
Sunday, May 9, 2021
8:30am PT / 11:30am ET

Week 4 – Live/Online Session:
Sunday, May 16, 2021
8:30am PT / 11:30am ET

Week 5 – Live/Online Session:
Sunday, May 23, 2021
8:30am PT / 11:30am ET

Week 6 – Live/Online Session:
Sunday, May 30, 2021
8:30am PT / 11:30am ET

All Live sessions with Rochelle will be held on Zoom. You will receive a link after registration.
Individual 30-minute sessions are available with Rochelle virtually during the 6-week course for an additional fee.


9 Continuing Education Credits available for Health Professionals

Learning Objectives:

Explain trauma and stress symptoms from psychobiological, social, mindfulness and somatic-based perspectives.

Demonstrate mindfulness and somatic skills in nature that promote the stabilization of potential emotional overwhelm associated with trauma

Utilize specific mindfulness and somatic practices in nature to support healing nervous system that holds stuck trauma

Discuss how practices of embodiment can impact healing processes and aid in nervous system restoration.

Utilize the natural environment to create alternative options to practice mindfulness and somatic practices to deepen healing

Apply and integrate mindfulness and somatic based practices in nature to support safe and easeful ways to heal trauma

Demonstrate knowledge of how to safely progress mindfulness and somatic practices to support long-term sustained healing of trauma

Create new skills from healed trauma to inform and create healthier ways of living

Use experiences of healing to help establish healthier relationships to family, community, and planet

Information on Continuing Education Credit for Health Professionals

CE credits for psychologists are provided by the Spiritual Competency Resource Center (SCRC) which is co-sponsoring this program. The Spiritual Competency Resource Center is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The Spiritual Competency Resource Center maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

The California Board of Behavioral Sciences accepts CE credits for LCSW, LPCC, LEP, and LMFT license renewal for programs offered by approved sponsors of CE by the American Psychological Association.

LCSWs, MFTs, and other mental health professionals from states other than California need to check with their state licensing board as to whether or not they accept programs offered by approved sponsors of CE by the American Psychological Association.

SCRC is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN Provider CEP16887) for licensed nurses in California.

For questions about receiving your Certificate of Attendance, contact, New Mindful Life – rochelle@newmindfullife.com. For questions about CE, visit www.spiritualcompetency.com or contact David Lukoff, PhD at CE@spiritualcompetency.com.


April 25, 2021
8:30 am - 10:00 am
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